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"The Ways of Massive Wealth"

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The body is a temple, the mind is a tool and the soul is a fountain. The ways of massive wealth always follow the principles of spirit, knowledge and flow.

Once understood in clarity wealth is effortless because it is harmonious to the flow of the universe, which is our birthright of music, perception and movement.

The great masters of achievement throughout the ages used the same principles to create the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, The Great Wall of China, the Egyptian culture, Rome, The United States, The Twin Towers and every revered accomplishment on earth. And anyone can do it.

In this webinar my good friends and colleagues Harrison Klein and MarBeth Dunn will show you 4 easy threads that turn ideas into millions and more... and they've taught it to many.

In this webinar you'll learn:

  • The essential secrets of the wealth of all great cultures, and how to apply it personally to yourself
  • The simple foundation of all wealth hardwired and already programmed into all human beings
  • The specific way simple ideas create the magic of manifestation
  • The way we claim massive wealth internally before we get it externally
  • The rituals that move us to stay focused and on track
  • The simple procedure that makes thousands of people want to rush to join your cause
  • The ways that integrate wealth "as us" rather than for us

You'll discover how to integrate the processes so once learned they can never be lost within you.

The Ways of Massive Wealth

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Meet Harrison Klein

Harrison Klein has been called the masters master, as well as the world's leading transformational and "I AM" identity master.

He is a transformational "Being" Expert and Metaphysical Luminary specializing in the alignment laws of the universe and their applications for greater awareness, intuition, wealth, enlightened consciousness, action, thought and effectiveness.

A former university instructor, marketing director, personal growth entrepreneur, leadership and business development coach since 1992 he has been a prominent media personality and face on the internet, radio and live event spiritual and science scene for years.

He has worked with world thought leaders, CEO's, entrepreneurs, politicians, doctors, lawyers, healers, athletes and celebrities. His spiritual teachings have helped positively inspire and change the lives of tens of thousands of people worldwide and he has been globally recognized in articles, newspapers, magazines, radio, TV and award winning films.

He is board member and founder of multiple global organizations and businesses including The World United Inc., The 1st World Spiritual Parliament, The Council on International Leadership, The Evolutionary Business Council and The Masters Gathering.

His speaking and Consciousness teaching skills include:

* Applications of Universal Laws and Principles
* Wealth Creation, Entrepreneurial and Life Coaching
* Reality Creation Skills
* Intuitive, Conscious, Leadership Development
* Consulting for Sales and Marketing Performance
* Revolutionary Goal Setting and Achievement
* Change Management
* Time Management
* Personal and Company Performance Effectiveness Training
* The Law of Attraction
* The Law of Interpersonal and Transpersonal Relationships
* Consciousness Evolution
* Micro and Macro Shift experiences

Today Harrison lives the life of his dreams in wealth, happiness, love, success and health, but it wasn't always so. After 30 years of deep depression and Autism he experienced a profound moment of grace, a mystical transformation which resulted in an amazing spontaneous healing. The experience was so profound it changed his entire world in a single moment, from inarticulate to genius, from, darkness to love, from victim to creator.

Harrison's message is the continuous unfoldment of unconditional love through deliberate desire, decision, awareness, insight, intention, purpose, play, and specific consciousness elevations and he lives that purpose wholly.

He has been a teacher, marketing director and entrepreneur since 1992. He has led teams as President and CEO of five super-successful businesses and developed multiple applications and techniques designed to stimulate intellectual and cellular integration, internalization and transcendence.

He is an active coach and his 6 course series entitled The I AM Effect, Effortless Abundance and Mastery 1-6 are designed to bring the subconscious, conscious and superconscious into perfect alignment thus ending stress, increasing awareness and making manifestation and life easy, natural and effortless due to the congruency of our internal state of mind, spirit and being.

He develops information and popular products around the leading edge of the spiritual, metaphysical and coaching industry as well as speaks at and produces events for the Personal Growth, Wealth and Development companies and entrepreneurial community.

Harrison Klein is the owner of The Masters Gathering, Women Power and Purpose, True Millionaire Stories, 100MX3 and ProAbundance LLC, five internet companies specializing in transformations and awakening processes, as well as a principal partner of I AM Group, LLC. and I AM Group University, LLC.

"The unlimited transformational ability of all humans to have and achieve everything they want is reflected in the quality of their direct perception of self and realization of spirit. The richness of our lives is the richness of our inner vision manifested through clarity."

Harrison Klein



The Ways of Massive Wealth

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Meet MarBeth Dunn

Known as the Joy to Abundance Strategist and the TV Happiness Coach, MarBeth Dunn has a huge mission; to bring joy and happiness to millions.

As an empath and intuitive, MarBeth can accurately pinpoint the issues preventing her clients from living the magical, possibility filled lives they richly deserve.

She has developed a powerful system to facilitate magic and miracles, empowering her clients to release their resistance to success quickly and easily. MarBeth teaches them to effectively use their Body Wisdom, extra-sensory abilities, the Quantum Field and the Laws of the Universe to create the new realities they desire.

MarBeth's message is clear: "Your true identity is Joy and Love. When you choose Happiness every moment, your life can only expand into the miraculous."

A phenomenal international speaker, MarBeth shares inspiring stories, and offers easy to use tools to inspire her audience to move into the space of miracles and possibilities.

MarBeth is the author of “The Joy Strategy: 31 Days to Health, Wealth, and Happiness”.

Her inspiring work has been featured on several television networks, including FOX, NBC, CBS, and WEYW 19, Key West, where she is a frequent guest. She can be heard daily on her own international radio show The Great Metamorphosis, on the Law of Attraction radio network.

A true luminary, MarBeth Dunn has inspired thousands around the world through her mentoring, coaching, writing, speaking events, classes, workshops, tele-calls, groups, and individual sessions.

MarBeth is a member of the Evolutionary Business Council, she is Chief Promotions Officer for the I AM Group LLC, and is on the faculty of the I AM Group University.

The Ways of Massive Wealth

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