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Are You Tired of Experiencing Lack, Frustration, Disappointment, Limitation,
Unconscious Barriers, Emotional Spikes, Over-Drama, Imbalance, Feeling
Stuck and Low Self Esteem?

How Would You Like 24 Masters of
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Super-Success, Focus, Wealth,
Manifestation, Relationships and
Happiness to Bring Your Experience
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If You’re Suffering, Angry, Confused,
Or Lost to Financial Crisis


We Show You EXACTLY How to Transform the Laws and “Secrets” Of the Universe Into
Your Personal Legion of Miracle Workers


   A Heartening Message From:
   Underground Master Harrison Klein

Dear Friend,

I’ll be honest: when times are tough it’s hard to make “The Secret” or any idea of spiritual fulfillment feel real in our lives.

There are a lot of big promises out there but most of us aren’t looking for billions of dollars or sweeping mansions.

We just want the bleeding to stop. We want to feel safe and happy and secure.

What if I told you…

There is a simple method that will transform ALL the laws of the universe into your personal miracle workers. They’re already operating. I can get you plugged into them in a precise way that rapidly dissolves your stress and effortlessly engages each law to produce the results you WANT.

Now don’t think I haven’t already heard every excuse out there because I have...

“This stuff won’t work for me.” “I’ve tried it all before. This just isn’t in the cards for me.” “I can’t do this…it won’t work.”

Well guess what:

It did work.

It worked easily and it overcame tremendous amounts of stubbornness and sticking points and excuses… all the reasons why people just like you were positively certain they couldn’t change. Many believed God or fate had it in for them or they were just too far gone. I can tell you now it wasn’t true.

I for example suffered from 30 years of depression and yet…

All My Suffering and Grief
Vanished in a Heartbeat When

I stumbled onto that one-way ticket out of there. I can’t guarantee that it’ll happen for you in a blink as it did for me. But I can tell you that time after time after time people I’ve dealt with have had this same epiphany and it usually happens quickly.

Its one thing to know that there’s hope in the world; that things like The Law of Attraction are out there and we can get something out of it.

BUT the bottom line… the real difference here… is that someone has to make it real for you. You have to see it in your own life or it gets really hard to be the captain of your own fate.

Now I’m not saying that you can’t use the Law of Attraction and the other universal laws on your own. You most definitely can. The power lies directly in you.

But here’s the glitch:

Your power is buried beneath what is probably decades of fear, doubt and self-abuse not to mention the subconscious beliefs you’ve racked up since birth that keep most people locked into a spiritual choke-hold.

How about we get you out of that choke-hold?

Let’s clear up one popular misconception right off the bat: Transformation is not instantaneous… and that’s a GOOD thing.

I Will Take You Through
3 Stages of Transformation

There will be a sudden epiphany early on for you. But the transformation itself occurs as a process. Creation is a process and one you will thoroughly enjoy when using this method.

Now don’t worry… just because this is a process does not mean you won’t see immediate results because you most definitely will!

In fact as you move through each stage you will find that you do so with ease, enjoyment, and jaw-dropping results.

And just so we’re clear…

  • You aren’t going to have to do any of this by yourself.

I’m not going to hand you an encyclopedia of do-it-yourself trifles and ship you off to make sense of it all.

  • You get access to the largest mastermind gathering of success and transformation experts PLUS I will personally address YOUR personal questions and challenges during our Monthly "Living the Dream" community membership Q & A session.

(Do I even have to tell you how invaluable this is?!)

As part of the community membership component, you get personal coaching by a hands-on mentor - me, Harrison Klein, and trust me… that makes ALL the difference because…

Let’s face it: every situation is unique and no book, seminar, or podcast can have all the answers that are going to make the difference for YOU.

  • Every step you’ll take is already mapped out for you. Better still, we do most of the work for you

Like I said, the goal here is to get the laws of the universe working on YOUR behalf. No need for you to be doing all the work and still going against the grain.

Stage One: Take Your Power Back
and Master What is Rightfully Yours

First things first: you’ve probably got mobs of harmful rubbish running amok in that mind-body-spirit you got there.

That’s not entirely your fault. You’ve been programmed that way.

And if that programming is running your life then this kind of “spiritual intervention” can change your life literally overnight. Because guess what:

The Law of Attraction is always working. And right now it may be delivering the nasty offspring of that negative garbage straight to your doorstep.

If you even suspect that you have hidden beliefs or thoughts or anything inside that doesn’t give you that warm and fuzzy feeling, then…

We've got to get in and change that. Immediately.

I recently worked with a gentleman by the name of Clyde Lindsay who was a Harvard educated lawyer. In his own words…

“I have spent my entire life hating and denying myself. That self hatred, led to fear of nearly everything. I hid myself within an outwardly confident shell.”

Guess who’s in charge here: Clyde… Or is fear?

We quickly brought him to an awareness of the teeming depths lurking just below his conscious mind:

“Largely self-created, they have hidden inside me for a life time, lurking below my psychic horizon, ambushing my dreams.” 

What came to the surface for him was dark and it was ugly. But all we had to do was coach him through taking his power back and just look at him now!

“Now, my spirit and my daily self are aligned and so strong, I can hardly believe how willing I am to face all those past challenges.”

That’s some powerful stuff.

As you find yourself riddled with doubt and uncertainty how nice would it be to have…

  • Dozens of hours of training and wisdom. Are you stocked and prepared for your next emotional famine? Where will you turn when you hit your darkest hour and need that spiritual Yoda?  Most people mistakenly discard inspirational or training material as one-shot deals. DO NOT make that error. Keep the words and passionate advice of your favorite teachers close at hand for those pivotal moments.

  • Your Hand-On Mentor (yours truly, Harrison Klein) who specializes in different areas of success, mindset, personal transformation, health, relationships and more. Have you ever tried to work with a personal trainer, financial planner, or teacher that you were absolutely sure didn’t get you? It’s frustrating to say the least. How can you expect to achieve your desired results with a mentor who cannot or does not want to relate to you? After successfully mentoring thousands, I can tell you with assurance, I speak your language and share your goals.

  • A safe space surrounded by like-minded individuals who share your mission for personal and planetary evolution. This is where the transformation really starts to gel. The truest master is also the student. The student always becomes the teacher. You will learn, teach, share and bond… which leads to profound growth and transformation.
Stage One is all about empowering you. That’s not to say you aren’t already empowered… it’s just been my experience that each of us spirals to higher and higher levels of consciousness and inspired action when we continually reinforce our state of empowerment.

Here’s what this means for you:

When you hand us your cosmic wish list we’ll tweak it into the exact language the universe speaks and call in the big guns (all those universal laws).

That means quicker, easier, and more joyful results will start coming your way immediately!

Stage Two: Surrender to the
Higher Power Within You

You are not God… But you are a God… You are an extension of God.

This is probably one of the hardest and scariest notions you’ll ever wrap your head around. As Nelson Mandela so famously quoted…

"Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness, that most frightens us."

When I ask you to surrender I am not asking you to submit yourself to the authority of anything or anyone. True surrender is actually a deep and penetrating awareness of the greatness within you.

There is so much confusion and mysticism around the act of surrender that most of my clients feel lost and betrayed when faced with this notion. Many people mistake surrender with giving our power away.

Very Important: They are NOT the same thing and giving your power away can be terribly damaging.

You’ll probably hear from one of our nearest and dearest mentors who once mistakenly gave her power away. She was still in her victim stage and she’ll tell you the trauma she experienced was so terrible it actually produced physical illness in the form of tumors just two years later.

However she’ll also tell you that she’s healed and come to a place of gratitude for the spiritual “wake up call” she received. My point here is that true surrender is exceedingly difficult before we master personal empowerment.

The good news is…

I’ve noticed time after time that once a person connects with their inner power the joy, courage and downright certainty they discover makes it virtually impossible to ever give their power away again.

You’ve already discovered the higher power within you when you reach this stage. So all you have to do here is…

Allow your higher Self to take the reins.

This takes a bit of practice but you’ll quickly get the hang of it and soon you’ll naturally find yourself in a state of surrender.

Again I don’t expect you to do any of this alone. As you begin the process of ego-release and letting go you’ll understand that the key here is that you cannot make yourself surrender. Ironically surrender is a state of being and isn’t something you do. So when we try to surrender we’ve already missed the truth of what we are.

One of the awesome and exciting parts of Stage Two is that we’re going to load your plate with every flavor of wealth, love and abundance you could prefer or imagine.

But I think you and I both agree…

Your life having mattered is about YOU having mattered. And that brings us to the third stage of transformation…

Stage Three: Pay it Forward
For Global Transformation

If you doubt your desire or ability to serve others…

I’ll tell you this: I’ve coached my share of stubborn and selfish ego-types and every single one that reached this stage literally transformed before my eyes into vigorous champions of the global condition.

Life gets really exciting at this stage.

This is where we begin to tip the scales toward massive global awakening.

I've never encountered a single person who truly knew his or her purpose that wasn't entirely engrossed in helping others. In fact I find that purpose always seems to attach itself to the highest good. We are most satisfied and on purpose when we are in service to others.

But I don't have to explain this to you do I? If you're here right now... if The Masters Gathering calls to you... then you're already savvy to Stage 3.

If you find yourself ignited by the prospect of spearheading the planet's evolution in consciousness then...

You'll be thrilled to know you don't have to do these three stages in order!

Go with your own flow. Dance to your own drummer. It's all good with us... and we've most certainly got your back.

Now all we gotta do is get you...

Your One-Way Ticket to the Immediate & Transformative Results You Seek


  What is the Masters Gathering?

in 13 seconds....

The Masters Gathering delivers this potent 3-stage method that makes spiritual fulfillment and permanent transformation as simple and easy to follow as breakfast lunch and dinner.


Because we are delivering you the equivalent of a Personal Advisory Board featuring billionaire and millionaire success masters and transformation experts who will advise you on every area of your life.

"I'm Excited! Tell Me Exactly
What I'm Getting with
The Masters Gathering!"

When you join The Masters Gathering you will immediately receive your Masters Gathering Product Package. In that package, you'll get:

Over 25 Hours of Exclusive Audio Interviews (Retail Value: $1,675)

Listen to Harrison Klein's
Inspiration for
The Masters Gathering


Our 24 success and transformation experts provide insight and advice on 8 areas of your personal and professional life:

Personal Wealth & Finances

Bob Proctor


Bob Proctor is widely considered one of the greatest experts in the world on the topic of getting rich and was featured in "The Secret."

He is famous for the claim, "Tell me what you want and I'll show you how to get it." Particularly if you want to evolve from a life of limitation and challenges, Bob Proctor is the man to learn from.

In 1960, he was a high-school dropout with a resume of dead-end jobs and a future clouded in debt. In a year, he turned a $20,000 income into more than $100,000. Soon after he passed the $1 million mark.

Bob Proctor Advises You On:
The nature of wealth and why success is your birthright. During this audio interview, you'll learn things like:

  • Why your current programming may be sabotaging your progress at every turn... and why you're not even aware of it

  • Why you deserve to be wealthy. Abundance directly affects the ease with which you can live your bliss and help others.

  • The most important skill you can master to create wealth in your life quickly and easily

  • Why positive thinking alone won't work and the vital step most of us miss (and no it isn't taking action...this is a little known step that can make all the difference)

  • The simple yet profound question that changed Bob's life and can change yours too

Bob Proctor even takes you through a mindmapping exercise that visually demonstrates how and why The Law of Attraction works. Trust me, when you're done with just this one exercise you will understand the awesome power you truly have.

lorallangemeierLORAL LANGEMEIER

With an accomplished background as a master coach and financial strategist, Loral Langemeier has proven how consumers and businesses can create wealth from the inside out.

Known as the "Millionaire Maker," Loral has coached thousands to financial freedom and success. Her approach is no-nonsense and practical yet deeply rooted in the Law of Attraction. Loral was also featured in "The Secret."

Loral Langemeier Advises You On:
How to Create NEW Money in this Economy. During this audio interview, you'll learn things like:

  • Why investing may be the wrong way to go in 2009... and where to shift your money and attention

  • Why real estate will be a garage sale...how to focus your attention on winning investments

  • Why you need a new cash machine for this ecomony... and how to create that new machine

  • How to make money right now... by tapping into the highest needs of transitioning baby boomers



During his many years of struggle, T. Harv Eker vowed that should he ever get rich, he would help others do the same. He is now one of the leading recognized experts in wealth creation and specializes in developing your "Millionaire Mindset."

Eker is responsible for creating many of the new millionaires that emerge every year and provides unique workshops that awaken your inner warrior and position you for rapid financial advancement.

T. Harv Eker Advises You On:
The psychology of wealth; poverty mentality vs. wealth mentality. During this audio interview, you'll learn things like:

  • How to determine your "Money Blueprint"... and how it will establish your financial future for the rest of your life

  • How to consciously alter your Money Blueprint to create a "set point" that your personal financial situation will easily and naturally gravitate toward

  • Why millionaires can lose all their money and quickly earn it back... and most lottery winners will quickly go bankrupt... and what it means for YOU

  • Specific examples of how wealthy people think compared to poor or struggling people

This audio is also jam-packed with interactive exercises and "call-back" responses to get you actively participating and producing an actionable blueprint for yourself.

Business & Success


As the beloved originator of the Chicken Soup for the Soul® series, Jack Canfield fostered the emergence of inspirational anthologies as a genre - and watched it grow to a billion dollar market.

As the driving force behind the development and delivery of over 100 million books sold through the Chicken Soup for the Soul® franchise, Jack Canfield is uniquely qualified to talk about success.

Jack Canfield Advises You On:
Why our ignorance of other peoples standards often allow us to do the impossible. You'll learn things like:

  • How dreaming big transcends us out of our daily experience into a place of super self satisfaction

  • How to apply 4 simple principles that literally assures our success at anything we try

  • How to find the key to unlocking our own inner kingdoms and achieving the ultimate reality state of living our dreams


Billionaire Bill Bartmann has a unique story.

Homeless at age 14, Bill left behind the dead-end life of a high school dropout and marine corps reject to work his way through college and law school to become one of the most innovative and highly-honored entrepreneurs in history.

Widely-acclaimed as America’s quintessential “rags to riches” billionaire, Bill Bartmann’s personal ethics and innovative thinking propelled him through a devastating series of personal and financial setbacks that allow him to speak from the conviction of experience.

Bill Bartmann Advises You On:
The "billion-dollar" power of your personal story. During this audio interview, you'll learn things like:

  • How your most devastating challenges can produce equally intense and profound success ... and the life philosophy that unlocks your own billionaire potential

  • How the more good we do the more money we make guaranteed... and how to engage the law that makes it so

  • How to find the courage to trust yourself when all others doubt you


Jay Conrad Levinson is the author of the best-selling marketing series in history Guerrilla Marketing plus 30 other books. His books have sold 14 million copies worldwide. His guerrilla concepts have influenced marketing so much that today his books appear in 41 languages and are required reading in many MBA programs worldwide.

Jay specializes in teaching small businesses and entrepreneurs how they can spend less, get more, and compete effectively with the big dogs in their industry.

Jay Conrad Levinson Advises You On:
Real World strategies for accelerating wealth and business success. During this audio interview, you'll learn things like:

  • Real-world methods to earn money without a job... particularly if you've just been laid off

  • The Guerrilla definition of "Service" that will skyrocket your marketing results when you apply it to your customer approach

  • Your #1 marketing weapon and key questions you have to answer to achieve effective marketing

  • The biggest secret of Guerrilla Marketing

He even takes you through creating a basic 7-Second Marketing Plan for your business!


Notorious in the marketing and advertising industries, John Carlton is considered one of the world's best direct response copywriters.

Not only is he an expert in marketing and advertising but more importantly he is a master of the art of persuasion and has a profound understanding of the human condition.

John Carlton Advises You On:
The brutal honest truth about getting what you want in life and business. During this audio interview, you'll learn things like:

  • The financially fatal error most of us make... and why being laid off, fired, or otherwise forced away from a job can often be the best thing that happens to us

  • Why he requires and downright orders people who approach him for help to first read "Think and Grow Rich" and other books on the Law of Attraction

  • How your dissatisfaction in your life actually points to your awakening magnificence. Most people go through life without a thought in their head and they're perfectly satisfied with that. If you are not satisfied with that, then you are positioned for greatness.

Particularly refreshing, John comes clean about his own spiritual journey and the fact that he's now got to "grind it out spiritually" to evolve to the next level.


Fran Capo is The Guinness Book of World Records fastest talking female clocked at 603.32 words per minute.

She has appeared on over 250 TV shows, including:

Good Morning America, Larry King Live, Last Call with Carson Daly, Inside Edition, ET, Ripley’s Believe it or Not, More than Human and Nick at Nite.

Capo is sought after not only as a motivational speaker and spokesperson but also as a featured author.

Fran Capo Advises You On:
How to conquer fear so that the absence of it opens up your natural ability to explore things in a way that stimulates your happiness triggers.

  • How to motivate yourself ... when you're feeling bad into feeling good with just a single simple action

  • Why whatever you want is truly within your reach

  • Where to look internally to find belief in your unlimited self and instantly accept loads of energy


Elisabeth Fayt is the author of Paving it Forward, a featured teacher in the move The Opus and the Owner/Founder of RnR Wellness, a Canadian wellness success story including Calgary riverfront Spa which services 20 satellite locations in Calgary and Toronto’s finest hotels.

She has invested close to two decades studying with the Masters of India, as well as global business leaders.

A voracious teacher of the Laws of the Universe, Elisabeth translates the “wisdom of the ages” into powerful workshops on the Law of Attraction and has inspired thousands in person and on radio.

Her energy is contagious. "I believe the best thing you can do for someone is to teach them to change their thought. Then they can create happiness for themselves, at will, regardless of any circumstance or environment."

Elisabeth Fayt Advises You On:
The anatomy of hope and self healing. During this audio interview, you'll learn things like:

  • How your mental attitude is more important than your IQ... in bringing out your inherent genius

  • Why you should never allow anyone's opinion of you determine your actions, goals or reality

  • How making constant minor adjustments as you go, based on your personal life experience for feedback, can skyrocket you to wilder success than you've ever dreamt of.

Psychology & Healing


Janet Attwood is co-author of the New York Times bestseller, The Passion Test – The Effortless Path to Discovering Your Destiny.

She is also co-founder of Healthy Wealthy n Wise, one of the largest online transformational magazines in the world, and Enlightened Alliances, the group responsible for arranging most of the interviews for The Secret.

Janet Attwood Advises You On:
Finding your true transformation to health, wealth and wisdom. During this audio interview, you'll learn things like:

  • How to find your deepest core passion... and what to do with it once you've found it

  • Where to look to experience your hidden talents

  • Why spirit and passion awareness outstrip every tactic in the book for your personal growth


Lynda Dyer has overcome many personal challenges within her own life, including totally defeating the debilitating Lupus condition. Her study of Neuro-Linquistic Programming (NLP) has helped her study, develop and teach mental excellence.

Due to her own struggles with Lupus, Lynda possesses a unique and empowering view of our mental power in relation to our body and health.

Lynda Dyer Advises You On:
The psychology of awakening and acheiving mental excellence through NLP. During this audio interview, you'll learn things like:

  • How to break the boundaries of your current language... how we can choose either "away from" or "toward" language and how each are rooted in mathematics

  • The 8 levels of consciousness that we evolve through and how to transition from one to the next

  • How to identify and restructure your subconscious values that may be opposing (and therefore canceling out) your efforts toward your desires

  • Why your imagination is positively vital to your ability to attract your desires and the power of your mental images

She even takes you through a step-by-step value exercise.

marymorrisseyMARY MORRISSEY

Mary Morrissey has championed peace and non-violence all over the world.

She has spoken three times at the United Nations, led three different week-long meetings with His Holiness the Dalai Lama, held audience with Nelson Mandela and facilitated discussions with world leaders on a variety of global issues.

Mary Morrissey Advises You On:
The psychology of manifestation and authentic self. During this audio interview, you'll learn things like:

  • How Mary was diagnosed at 18 with Fatal Kidney Disease and given 6 months to live and the single conversation that saved her life and launched her on her life's journey

  • Why your life may be created by the thoughts and expressions of other people and how to take back control

  • The psychology of the authentic self and how you can connect to it

  • How tuning into your longing and your discontent can assist in directing your life toward your purpose and bliss

  • The most damaging and limiting question every person asks him or herself and a simple "flip" that will turn this into an empowering and enlightening question for you


Hale Dwoskin is the author of the New York Times Best Seller, The Sedona Method: Your Key to Lasting Happiness, Success, Peace and Emotional Well-being.

Hale is one of the 24 Teachers from the movie The Secret and a founding member of the Transformational Leadership Council.

He is the CEO and Director of Training of Sedona Training Associates.

Hale Dwoskin Advises You On:
Understanding that all external conditions are only illusions and not reality. During this audio interview, you'll learn things like:

  • How to heal yourself, your past and your future by asking a few prime questions

  • Why there is only love and how we can realize it here and now any time

  • How to tap into energy of unobstructed perception and use it for unlimited success, love, health, and wealth

Health & Wellness

davidwolfeDAVID WOLFE

David Wolfe is the recognized authority on living nutrition, raw food, superfoods and having the best day ever, everyday. Wolfe has over 18 years of dedicated experience and understanding of the inner workings of the human body and how the body is affected by the modern-day stressors of today’s fast-paced and unbalanced lifestyle, which may affect our beauty, health, and longevity.

David Wolfe Advises You On:
Nutrition as a path to effortlessly attracting your desires. During this audio interview, you'll learn things like:

  • Why what you eat actually dictates what you become... and how to use nutrition to magnetize you toward what you want

  • How to focus on the best stuff ever that is going on right now

  • How you can treat nutrition as personal alchemy to purposefully design your body and life

  • How the energy of the food we eat can elevate our consciousness



Fabrizio Mancini came to the United States in 1978 from Colombia, South America.

A recognized authority and leader in chiropractic medicine, Fab treats his patients holstically by coaching them on lifestyle and the significance for health of emotion and feeling good.

Fabrizio Mancini Advises You On:
Valuing health first as a foundation for total balance and bliss. During this audio interview, you'll learn things like:

  • How your health directly affects your spiritual evolution, your relationships, your career, and every other aspect of your life

  • The foundations of good health that you're probably still ignoring and why you absolutely must heed them

  • The keys to body management and mind management that stimulate a natural and effortless awakening process


Dr. Alexander Loyd is the founder of The Healing Codes, a company dedicated to natural healing around the world.

In the spring of 2001, Dr. Loyd discovered a simple, physical mechanism that eliminates stress in the body.

For the next year Dr. Loyd validated this mechanism through Heart Rate Variability tests: the state-of-the-art mainstream medical diagnostic test for measuring stress in the autonomic nervous system. In 86% of cases, stress was virtually eliminated from the body within 20 minutes.

Dr. Alexander Loyd Advises You On:
How to refocus and realign your health habits and practices by understanding the new cutting edge research exploring the next evolutionary frontiers in medicine and wellness.

  • How to bypass symptom cures like pills and drugs... by getting to the real cause and source of 98% of all illness, disease, and problems using the proper tools for the job

  • How to bust through the walls of cellular defenses your programming has built over generations of negative programming and misunderstood body and mind practices so your organism can continually heal itself

  • How to non-invasively start and continue the healing process emotionally and physically ...no matter what the disease is now

drbenjohnsonDR BEN JOHNSON

Dr. Ben Johnson is another transformation expert featured in "The Secret"

His story comforts anyone facing illness, demonstrating the miracle of healing.

Dr. Johnson suffered from a disease that, according to the conventional medical community, was irreversible and widely believed to be a virtual death sentence. Not only has his life been spared from the "irreversible and terminal" disease known as Lou Gehrigs disease, but now he teaches others how to reverse serious illness and both physical and emotional/psychological disease.

Dr. Ben Johnson Advises You On:
Healing your body and psychology through cellular memory. During this audio interview, you'll learn things like:

  • How an emotional event can begin a disease process... and why every disease process actually does begin with an emotional event

  • How consciously feeling can create, allow, and accelerate healing

  • How positive affirmations (particularly for health) can put you into a conscious conflict with your body... and a slightly different approach that aligns your body with your healing intent

  • What is stored in your cellular memory that can actually block the Law of Attraction from working... and the system that allows your body to find and address your unconscious cellular memories without you having to uncover them consciously


bobdoyleBOB DOYLE

Bob Doyle is another transformation expert featured in "The Secret" and since 2002, his "Wealth Beyond Reason" program has allowed thousands of people to reclaim their destiny, and begin creating lives of true abundance.

Considered one of the world's foremost authorities on the Law of Attraction, Bob can teach you exactly how to live your life by design.

Bob Doyle Advises You On:
Tapping into your purpose and clearing resistance. During this audio interview, you'll learn things like:

  • The origin of resistance in your life and how to dissolve it

  • Why the things you want may be “avoiding you” and how to shift into a magnet that effortlessly draws them to you

  • The Law of Resonance and how to harness it

  • How you can bring yourself into a feeling state that naturally resonates with what you want

  • Specific methods for breaking down your internal resistance and limiting beliefs

  • How quantum physics explains and helps us understand and harness our feeling

marcishimoffMARCI SHIMOFF

Another featured expert on "The Secret," Marci Shimoff is the woman’s face of the biggest self-help book phenomenon in history, Chicken Soup for the Soul. Marci is an acclaimed authority on the principles of success and happiness.

Marci Shimoff Advises You On:
How to be happy for no reason. During this audio interview, you'll learn things like:

  • How to stem the current epidemic of sadness and depression

  • Scientific ways you can actually increase your happiness

  • The psychology and physiology of happiness

  • Where your happiness "set point" is, the three components that make up our happiness "set point," and how to raise it

joevitaleJOE VITALE

Joe Vitale is well known for his marketing advice and coaching as well as for his expertise in the Law of Attraction. He was also featured in "The Secret."

His most recent works deals with the 4 stages of awakening and how to encourage effortless transition from one stage to the next.

Joe Vitale Advises You On:
Manifesting miracles through visualization and awakening. During this audio interview, you'll learn things like:

  • Why belief is so hard for us to muster and the origin of belief

  • The nature of our limiting or negative beiiefs and how to clear and release them

  • The most profound financial discovery Joe made regarding beliefs and the Law of Attraction

  • The missing secret to wealth that will be the key to your breakthroughs around money and your ability to create it

  • How to step into a state of complete alignment so that you rapidly accelerate the manifestation process


Also featured in the hit "The Secret,"
Dr. John Demartini teaches a wide range of topics from sacred healing of ancient cultures to cutting edge personal development technologies.

Diagnosed with a learning disability John was told he would never read, write or communicate, and dropped out of high school to surf the waves of Southern California and Hawaii.

Today he is a doctor, philosopher, author, and top inspirational speaker. His teachings on the power of unconditional love have reshaped psychology, and his revolutionary methodologies continue to transform the lives of millions around the world.

Dr. John Demartini Advises You On:
The Law of Expectation and working with your values to dissolve blockages to manifestation. During this audio interview, you'll learn things like:

  • The difference between the Law of Expectation and the Law of Attraction and the importance of aligning realistic expectations with our efforts to attract and manifest

  • The key identifier that will dictate whether you will manifest what you desire through the Law of Attraction and the Law of Expectation and a quick exercise to determine this identifier for you

  • The exact process Dr. John Demartini uses to coach his clients to manifest incredible wealth using the Law of Expectation

  • The biochemical results of our expecations, beliefs, and values that create depression, elation, and many of our feelings that most powerfully attract things that match their frequency


Jennifer Hough is a Life Coach, nutritionist, best selling co-author of 2 books and an international speaker for the past 15 years.

She truly does ‘walk her talk’. She has transformed her own life from years of financial struggles and chronic migraines, to one of abundance and limitless vitality.

Jennifer is an energizing ‘human magnet’ who has the largest Holistic Nutrition Coaching Practice in Canada.

Jennifer Hough Advises You On:
Transforming into your own ‘human magnet’ of abundance and limitless vitality. During this audio interview, you'll learn things like:

  • How to remember who we really are beyond our past and acculturation

  • Why understanding that the universe has your back leads you to total awakening

  • How to tap into the laws of being the here and now so that everything you want and will experience become effortless


As a student of ancient and modern research into the nature of the mind, Bill Harris has studied The Law of Attraction for over thirty-nine years with a variety of teachers around the globe.

He has dedicated his life to sharing The Secret to creating the life you want as a teacher, public speaker, author, therapist, workshop leader, and business owner.

Bill Harris Advises You On:
Using The Law of Attraction to Create the Life YOU Want. During this audio interview, you'll learn things like:

  • How certain sound frequencies tap into the true power of our brains

  • Why meditation opens up the doors to new amazing realities

  • How the 5 different types of brain waves work to imprison us into suffering, agitation, or pain . . . or free us into positive states of joy

johnassarafJOHN ASSARAF

Billionaire John Assaraf shared his story of visualization and manifestation in "The Secret."

John started his life as a troubled teenager on the streets and lived a very turbulent and dangerous lifestyle.

Choosing to overcome his challenges, as an adult he pursued brain research and quantum physics as they relate to achieving success in business and in life.

By applying what he learned, he built four multi-million dollar companies including RE/MAX of Indiana.

John Assaraf Advises You On:
How quantum physics explains our natural state of being as "Always Already Having." During this audio interview, you'll learn things like:

  • How John transitioned and evolved from a troubled teen on the streets to a multi-billionaire who really does have it all

  • Why theories and "laws" are useless unless you understand the science behind them... and the actual science behind the Law of Attraction and other laws that helps us understand exactly why and how they work

  • How quantum physics relates to wealth and the process by which we can attract it into our lives

This audio content* will be the high-level "macrocosm" information that will help orient you in the right direction for major manifestation and attraction.

*I traveled all over the world to the Masters in most cases - to get these audios to you. In some cases we recorded outside or not in the most optimal settings - so the sound fidelity of some of the recordings are not studio grade - but the content is so good, so life-changing that we included them in this package.

NEXT the key will be to dive into the "microcosm" and get down and dirty with real-world application of that information. That's why we're also going to give you.

Janet Attwood tells you why she
is so excited to be part of
The Masters Gathering


First Month Free Entrance Into The Masters Gathering “Living the Dream Coaching Club” Community*

This information is for you ONLY if you are truly ready to Live the Dream ... however you define it ... through embracing a higher state of consciousness, awareness and JOY…

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This is YOUR Life … Shouldn't You Have Everything You Need to Make it the Life of Your Dreams?

Imagine … a Place Where You Get the Guidance and Mentorship You Need as You Manifest the Life You Want through the Process of Powerful Transformation

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This is where the magic happens. Within our community you have access to personal coaching and incredible programs that get you producing instant results.

You'll also get 30 full days of:

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    We encourage you to share your insights and understanding
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  • Access to a Private Facebook Group: as stated above, this is where you can share your experience with members of the “Living the Dream Coaching Club.” You can also ask questions, post your progress, and participate in ongoing discussions.
  • And so much more
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I don't care if you never heard of “The Secret” or the Law of Attraction until today.

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Meet Our "Masters"
& Read Our Testimonials

"I just heard THIS INSTANT from an investor and we are going to start getting pay outs on an investment that is 2 years old. It only took putting in to action what I “know” but some how don’t practice. I will be a millionaire by the end of 2009. Just getting out of my own way to allow things to start happening."

- Reta Harbaugh

"Your coaching has cut through the fog around getting what i want in life and how to have it exist right now, in the present. Your coaching around the two GREAT Universal laws and how all other Universal laws come secondary to these two great laws has forever changed my life.

You are an amazing coach who simplifies the understanding of creation and the creation process so it will be part of the daily existence process. Harrison, you've made a profound difference in my life and I'll be forever grateful to you as your gift to me is timeless."

- L. Marysh, Life Coach

"Finally! - A place where I can get the “Best of the best”, all filtered down into a “Reader’s Digest” version that I can actually understand...For years, I have gone through ups & downs in all areas of my life and trying some of this, some of that, wasting lots of my time and money only to make a little progress then falling into the trap of ALLOWING myself to get knocked back down again.

NOW with the “regular reminders” from these masters, I am beginning to put it all together and am able to catch myself going in the wrong direction much earlier, thus saving myself from another downspirial."

- Steve in Austin, TX

"Harrison, I wanted to let you know how profoundly your program has affected me! While the entire program has far exceeded any expectations, your personal story was truly a gift, and I will be forever grateful."

- Connie Kehoe

"Thank you to all of you Masters, and especially Harrison, who is putting this together. I know this will help a lot of people and transform the world."

- Mun Chan

"Since discovering the truths you have generously shared, I have begun to notice and become aware of the synchronistic events transpiring in my life. Whereas before I may have not only dismissed them but also would have lost the opportunity to fully appreciate their knowledge, love and wisdom."

- Kathleen Brewington

"These masters have literally saved my sanity, and may have saved my life. I truly can’t thank them enough. I’m trying to share all these insights and new knowledge with my wife and friends, but it is too emotional right now. I’m not sure if I could even form a sentence if I had the chance to talk to these masters, they have meant so much to me and my family. Too many tears may overtake me. So I hope some of them get the chance to read this and know my thanks."

- Dr. Brian McElfish

"Harrison's teachings have a clarity and insight as pure and vital as running water. I have practiced Buddhism for thirty years and had marvelous experiences, but never truly understood the practice on such a truly deep spiritual level till now."

- Clyde Lindsay

"This stuff is incredible!! My life is transforming daily as I re-listen and review this stuff EVERY year to keep me on track. It isn’t something you watch or read and put on the shelf to get dusty. It is something you need to play in the background of your life everyday."

-Julie Geigel

"I find this to be one of the most exciting sites I have ever found or been handed on a plate. Blessings to you all."

- Anne

"I wanted to tell you how grateful Jim and I both are to be a part of the Alignment Factor class [in The Masters Gathering]. We are both learning so much and it has made a terrific difference in our lives, and we are applying more and more of your teachings to our everyday lives on a continuing basis.

Thank you so much for making this available to us, it has meant more than you will ever know."

- Connie & Jim

"Thank you for this great awakening journey. I am big fan of “The Secret” and the Law of Attraction. I personally have been through life’s difficult challenges of which I was forced to accept and learned to live in the moment.

Thank you, for the lessons, and gathering the masters to learn more. This is an awesome experience to be part if the Awakening."

- Lorraine Sales

"Harrison’s teachings on self-esteem, (two class hours out of twenty), showed me how and why to obliterate self-loathing. The means is simple, yet intellectually satisfying and massively spiritual. Now, my spirit and my daily self are aligned and so strong, I can hardly believe how willing I am to face all those past challenges."

- Clyde Lindsay

"Your coaching around the Universal Laws and how and why they work forever changed our lives. We increased our home income by 80%!! Thank you so much."

- Katie & Eric Teag

"I don’t quite understand how it’s happening, but since we started our coaching sessions 25 days ago, I’ve lost an average of 1.5 lbs every two days! I didn’t even diet or exercise. The only thing I’ve done differently is our coaching sessions. This is a new life for me. I am so grateful I found you!"

- Jeanne Morin

"Since getting layed off from work last November, and have had other layoffs in the past, I’ve now finally WOKEN UP. I’m finding a way to use the skills and talents I have to help others, and life is really opening up to me! The four stages of awakening is the perfect description…I feel as though I’ve finally started to tap into stage 3 :) These videos have been an extra fantastic “kick in the butt” energy to lead me on. Thank you!"

- Charlene

"Before I joined The Masters Gathering, my sister and I had been denied for 5 houses and had to move out of our apartment in two weeks. Everyone called us crazy, because we wanted a large home even though we didn’t have the money for it.

I followed your 60-day Quantum Leap formula and I kid you not: we applied for three more houses and received approval on all 3 of them within 48 hours of joining you! The house we chose had four other applicants fighting for it and they miraculously gave it to us! It’s a $1.3 million home, and we didn't pay even close to that much."

- Matthew M.

"Harrison, Thank you for mastering this all together, I am finding my Awakening and looking for inner self, as I am working with a similar program, I am enjoying the recordings and posts. I also am thankful for all your friends who are working with you."

- Neil

"I am very grateful to hear other Masters mention principles that are so important to mankind at a time like this. Thank you to these Masters for putting together The Masters Gathering."

- S. K. Parashar

"Harrison, thank you for the excellent work you’ve done and are continuing to do!!

This has been a real boost to me personally and I truly appreciate it."

- Mike

"Masters Gathering is not only enriching but it has also elevated my self-esteem. Thanks."

- Jatinder

"Thank you, ever so much…for your time, for your beauty, and for your words of wisdom that we are drinking up. We are all so much in need of this, it is mind boggling that a strong few can create such a fierce rush of goodness for us to enjoy and love."

- Georgette Gita

"I am thrilled to see you Masters all together! This worldwide movement is huge! And I want to be part of it! I have been learning from you Masters for a long time and I am so grateful to all of you."

- Jurate Gattini

"This is truly awesome!

Understanding the laws of the universe and the way they relate to maximizing human awareness and potential can sometimes be a little daunting for some people.

The Masters Gathering offers such comprehensive insights – it will be the road to enlightenment for a great deal of people. I often suggest that people look on this site so that they can hear from the masters themselves.

This is the beginning of something big! A global shift in conscious awareness that has been a long time coming."